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About Us
Please let us know if you have any questions about our Products or our company.
The idea for the Kubatons was born in April, 2006 while at a gun show. I was talking with a man who had a kubaton key chain that was made of aluminum. It was all beat up and oxidizing.

He said he really liked carrying it but wished he could find some that were lighter in weight and reasonably priced.

We sat down and designed the part (tapered Kubaton) and once we were satisfied with the design we did the tooling on it and started injection molding it.
We molded our first parts in September, 2006 and have since sold thousands and thousands of them.

These Kubatons really are unique when compared to almost any other out there.

They are incredibly light, unbelievably strong (molded out of a special reinforced polymer) and they will look great for a very long time.
  Alpha Innovations - About Us
After tooling the tapered Kubatons we unveiled the Jaw Jacker. This was a cooperative effort with George Matheis. The idea behind this was to produce a novelty item that was a throwback to earlier days.
Alpha Innovations - About Us   Then, in June, 2007 we completed our 6" blunt ended kubaton as well as our 6" koppos.

While the tapered Kubatons filled a certain need we realized that for some people, law enforcement in particular, there was a need for a more "defensive" tool.
Plus the added length gave the user a bit more of an advantage on an attacker.

In October, 2007 we unveiled our polymer Tactical Dog Leash.
And in February, 2008 we released the Stylus Kubaton.

This item is unlike any on the market today. It can be carried everywhere and it has an incredibly high impact strength. This kubaton has become a top seller because of it's dual purpose.

It is an incredibly strong and effective self defense tool that works great with touch screen computers and all hand held devices ( PDA's, Blackberries, GPS, etc... )
  Alpha Innovations - About Us
Tactical Dog Leash  

In June 2008 we unveiled another innovative product, The Letter Opener.

This is an incredibly sharp and rigid reinforced polymer letter opener.

Its push dagger type blade makes it handy to have close by (either on a key chain or in the pocket - it fits perfectly in the change pocket of a pair of jeans without you even knowing it's there) ready to use.

In July 2008, we revealed yet another kubaton, the Dome Ended Kubaton.

Identical in length and diameter to the Flat Ended Kubatons this new shape acts as a "force multiplier" by concentrating the force of a strike.

We were looking to create a design that would fall in between the Flat Ended Kubaton version and the much more pointed end of the Stylus Kubaton and the Tapered Kubatons.
  Kubaton (flat ended)
Alpha Hornet  

In August 2008 we released our brand new Alpha Hornet, a revolutionary new design in a personal self defense tool. This product was designed with law enforcement in mind. It can be used for thumb side strikes, hammer fist strikes and open hand strikes.

In December 2008, we released the Rubber Kubaton Trainer.

This is a first of it's kind training kubaton that allows for more realistic kubaton training.

Lastly, in January of 2009, we began building the KEYP SAFE, a tool designed by Paul Ortiz of Death's Head Customs.

We were looking to add a practical keychain tool for the user to have quick access to their keys and could also carry them comfortably in their hand.

The KEYP SAFE allows you to safely and securely hang your keys from your pant's pockets and gives you easy access to your keys.
We have been in the moldmaking business for more than 39 years now.

Our expertise is in high-end custom moldmaking and we have tooled for many Fortune 500 companies in the medical, automotive, personal care, home improvement and personal self defense markets.

Do you have an idea for your own self defense tool? Contact Us and let us make your ideas a reality.

Here are some examples of custom self defense tools we have made.

We are a small company and we are personally involved in every aspect of design, tooling, processing & marketing of our products.

The idea behind our own line of personal self defense tools was an easy transition for us. We have been involved in martial arts of some variety (wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu) for more than 40 years.

Our products are engineered with over 60 years of experience and are born out of a passion for what we do.


Jeff Farrand
Alpha Innovations LLC

Our Products More Products Knives Custom T-Shirts Custom Zippo Lighters Training & Videos Tactical Pens Custom Work
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