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by George Matheis
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Reviews of Our Products - Kubatons by George Matheis
This article was written by Self Defense instructor George Matheis from

Kubatons also known as Yawara Bos and pocket sticks are one of the easiest self defense tools to carry and use.

Unlike the majority of other tools, Kubatons allow you to have them in your hand in most environments. This makes them easier to deploy against a spontaneous attack.

The concept is simple; concentration of force over a small surface area multiplies the impact on the target. As a rule impact weapons seek bone.

During an altercation some prime targets for striking with the Kubaton in either the forward grip (thumb pointing towards the tip) or the hammer fist (tip protruding from the bottom of the hand) are the face, side of the head, collar bone, sternum and back of the hands.

Our variation of the Kubaton with it’s blunt tip only amplifies this already awesome tool without cutting your attacker exposing you to blood born pathogens.

Some schools of thought will advise you to attempt wrist locks and such that require fine / complex motor skills. Since fine motor skills deteriorate under stress and the real world offers less than ideal situations we advise that you train for and at least initially limit yourself to immediate and intuitive strikes into the targets mentioned.

Another tactic is to hold the Kubaton and swing the keys violently into the face/eyes in a backhand motion. This is preferred instead of a roundhouse punch type motion since the roundhouse is much easier to block.

You will be amazed how fast and accurate you can become with the Kubaton. Let an Alpha Innovation Kubaton be the first tool in your layered personal protection plan!


George Matheis

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Kubaton (short)
Kubaton (flat ended)
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Kubaton (pink)
His & Hers Kubaton Set
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Seminars and Available Training DVDs

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Kubaton Basics DVD   Survivor: Rape Defense & Self Awareness Training Video   Free Online Alpha Hornet Training Videos   Refuse to be a Victim NRA Seminar
Kubaton Basics DVD
Survivor: Rape Defense
Hornet Free Online Videos
Refuse To Be A Victim
Our Products More Products Knives Custom T-Shirts Custom Zippo Lighters Training & Videos Tactical Pens Custom Work
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