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Reviews of Our Products - Tactical Dog Leash by George Matheis
This article was written by Self Defense instructor George Matheis from

When my buddy Jeff Ferrand owner of Alpha Innovations and producer of my Jaw Jacker Knuckle Duster told me about his idea for The Tactical Dog Leash I kinda blew it off. Basically the idea is the Jaw Jacker with a hole on the front where you attach the supplied dog leash.

Jeff sent it to me for T&E sometime ago and it went on pile and I forgot about them. This weekend while packing to go to my parents house I tossed the TDL in the bag since I was taking my two Boston Terriers anyway. At home we don't use a leash much because we have a fenced in yard.

The first thing I did with the TDL was examine it, both the knuckle part and the leash itself. The leash seems to be a quality run of the mill dog leash about four feet long with the traditonal quality snap on one end. On the other is a split ring through the regular handle with one end of a two headed snap on it, the other is a snap to attach to the knucles.

The first thing I thought was that the weak point was going to be that split ring. So I sat in a chair, put the leash under my foot, took the knuckles in one and and wraped the end of the leash around the other and pulled as hard as I could. I was unable to do anything to the split ring at all. As you know, at 6'2 290 I am no little boy and have huge legs.

Then I hooked up my oldest Boston Terrier Bogey who weighs around 35 lbs and being part Bulldog just loves to pull. I noticed that the knuckles provided a more comfortable grip on my hand then when the normal leash folds around it. Like the difference between doing pull ups on a bar or a loop of rope.

Most of the time when walking the boys I hold the end of the leash in my right hand with the leash running though my left hand with the dog on my left as pictured. From this positon I was surprised how easy it was to wrap the leash around my left hand once, unhook the leash from the knuckles and still retain the dog.

When I did let him run to full extension it was comfortable as well.

You actually have two great tools here, the original Jaw Jacker design (which of course is only a collectors item and should never be used as a weapon) with an extra concentration bump, and the leash which makes a great flexible weapon.

There is no disguising what it is. It is a pair of knuckles with a dog leash attached. But that is the neat thing about it. That may just make anyone who sees it dismiss it.

One thing is for sure, if I am going to take one of the boys for a walk I know which leash I am using.

Alpha Innovations Tactical Dog Leash - Review by George Matheis   Alpha Innovations Tactical Dog Leash - Review by George Matheis


George Matheis

Products - Tactical Dog Leash

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TDL - Dog Leash

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Only leash color available is BLACK - You'll get the TDL and a BLACK LEASH
Model of the leash might change subject to availability.

Our Tactical Dog Leash are $25, in case you'd like to order just the new TDL Lead for $10, use this option.

Only leash color available is BLACK


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Tactical Dog Leash   Kubaton
Tactical Dog Leash - Lead   Tactical Dog Leash - Lead
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